Hello Quantconnect Community,

maybe somebody is able to help me here, as i thought i would do something quite normal.

My Goal is to assign every Order i do to one of my variables and when OnOrderEvent is called i want to do a Log entry.
The attached backtest is a stripped down version of the log to make it more obvious what happens.

In the attached algo and Logfile you can see, that for the limit Order it is working fine. I assign the OrderTicket to the variable and the Order Event arrives i check which of the orders it is (symbolData._limitTicket.OrderId == orderEvent.OrderId) and in case of the limit order i log "Order event for _limitTicket arrived ".

But for a marketOrder the condition in the OnOrderEvent is never called and i cant find out why.

I would really appreciate any hints why this is the case.

Best Reagrds and happy holidays,