I have questions about two timeseries available in QuantConnect, namely:




Do those data represents %growth in EPS estimates? According to documentation, we would need to substract 1 to get the actual %growth rate as for instance :

fine.ValuationRatios.SecondYearEstimatedEPSGrowth =(EPS Growth Ratio: (Estimated EPS Year 2) / (Estimated EPS Year 1)

I have difficulties to find any match between those data and data available in other financial data providers (e.g. Bloomberg or Reuters). I know there would be no exact match (Morningstar may have different EPS estimates), but also trend on the largest stocks does not match at all.


It would be great if someone could present a raw data and the calculation for AAPL or any other large cap stock (I mean to present Estimated EPS Year 2 and Estimated EPS Year 1 and fine.ValuationRatios.SecondYearEstimatedEPSGrowth value.

Thank you in advane for all help!