looking for robot trading that works

Hi iam new and looking for algorithm or indicator that really work and manu thanks to all your effort and helps
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Depends on what returns you want, but one suggestion - forget *all* traditional indicators.

I think that is the reason all of us are here. The first question you have to answer is what do you mean by :"really works"? The second question is what are you willing to do to get what you want?

Long time lurker... new member here.

I'm working on something that uses the ratio of VIX/VXV to calculate the amount of backwardation on VXX (or any other volatility fund, ie.. VXX, UVXY, etc).

I'll post my code in the next few days once its complete but the general idea is this:
1. using yesterdays close of VIX and VXV, calculate ratio (r) = vix/vxv
2. If (r) > threshold (0.92), go SHORT else go LONG

Hello Adam,
I have some robots and they working very well.
Let me please know your needed parameters:
-Sharp ratio

I have been trading the same strategy that Thomas Ping mentioned for the past 4 months with huge success. Unfortunately, none of the code is in Quantconnect's C# and instead is written in Python. My python code is fully tested and works through IB API. If you guys can help convert the code to C# I would be happy to post it here to let others benefit.

I can help to convert Python code to C#. Write in Python 10 yrs.

@Andrew - do you mind sharing your code? I have very little programming experience with c++ but utilize Python mainly. I am curious to see what the code would look like in C++. Did you and Eugeny work it out? Seems like it would be fairly simplistic logic?

Trying to get a couple algos up and running, as I trade futures mainly at the moment.

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