Just personal experience dealing with them, and reading on their forums. Forum topic of their feed going down for hours during live trading hours. 

I just opened an account, they have no funding methods besides ACH, contacted them like it said for alternatives, their customer rep send a copy pasta reply about ACH not even reading that my bank can't connect.

Reminds me of the trash that is Robinhood, bringing their "tech" saviness aka trash customer service to traditional established brokers. Would happily pay some comissions to IB where I can speak to an actual non robotic human, and trust the company won't go bankrupt the next day, or will be unreachable for over a month.

IB ends up being free trades most of the time, since you're not being front run, even a .01 improvement on price usually pays for all of your comissions, when they slip .01-.03 at Robinhood or all the other "free" brokers. Unless you trade limit orders only. 

Always try to give these new guys a chance, they just suck so badly it's not even close, wish Fidelity would open up an API for trades.