Modern finance is a battlefield, pitching some of the brightest in the world against each other in a war of the minds. Powerful, secretive firms employ cutting edge technology, armies of PhD graduates and genius generals to battle on the open markets with sophisticated trading algorithms. The victors turn their billions into more billions, growing ever more successful and dominant…

For the individual it seems hopeless. The statistics don’t lie; 80-90% of active traders lose money[1], but we will challenge this mantra. We are establishing an algorithm trading framework to support submission and back-testing of trading algorithms online. These systems can be developed with team collaboration, harnessing each member’s insights.

And when you’re ready, you can trade with your own funds or allow the public to invest and leverage your work for higher returns. It is an exciting frontier; we are lowering the barriers to trading investment systems, giving you high-end server infrastructure without needing to worry about maintenance or monthly fees, and allow you to design systems in programming languages you understand.

That said, we are proud to announce the birth of we are democratizing powerful finance by empowering individuals. Sign up for updates and be notified when we launch!