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Every year, we see thousands of applications for internships from driven and intelligent students seeking opportunities to springboard their careers. The top industry funds take less than 1% of applicants, leaving thousands of students unable to prove their abilities.

The Open Quant League is an opportunity for university classes and clubs to showcase their quantitative trading skills. Team members do research publicly and deploy algorithms live, gaining a track-record. All teams that enter the competition receive the following benefits:

  • Free credit to use QuantConnect.
  • A platform to discuss their strategy logic with a public, permanent link to share on their LinkedIn profiles and resumes.
  • Inbound inquiries from employers in the QC community looking for help on their algorithms or looking to hire talent for their fund.
  • Public quarterly rankings page to share with potential employers via URL, including your discussion thread.

In addition, all QC community members benefit from gaining access to the research from each university that participates. The live algorithm the team contributed will be public, so community members can use it to learn, trade, and improve.


The competition runs on a quarterly schedule. At the end of each quarter, the competition resets and the algorithms in the current competition are automatically resubmitted to the next competition.

The deadline for the Q3 submission entries is June 10th, 2024.


Algorithms are simply ranked by net performance over the quarter, but this condition is subject to change. To view current rankings, see League.


The top three organizations at the end of the quarterly competition receive prices of $500, $300, and $200, respectively. There must be at least 10 submissions in the competition to qualify for prizes.

Enter the Competition

To enter your team into the competition, the team captain should submit the following information into this Google Form:

  • Team's University
  • Team name
  • The email with which the captain is registered on the QuantConnect platform
  • The emails with which the team members are registered on the QuantConnect platform
  • A confirmation that all team members have updated their Names, Profile Picture, and LinkedIn Profiles on the QuantConnect platform
  • The link to the backtest of the team's submission
  • The team's investment thesis

For the investment thesis, introduce your strategy concepts and philosophy to help investors and funds understand your investment idea. Communicating your thesis and attracting investment for your projects is critical to quantitative finance. You can encourage discussion and contributions by posting interesting ideas on your team's page.

Your algorithm must observe the following rules:

  • Your algorithm is unique. Teams are penalized for submitting algorithms that are nearly identical to other competitors.
  • Your algorithm trades liquid securities. For Equities, this includes the top 1000 stocks, Crypto includes the top 10 coins, Forex includes the top 20 pairs, and Futures includes the top 30 contracts.
  • The maximum leverage is 2.

Once you submit the form, the QuantConnect team will review your submission and list it to the Quant League.

Update Submissions

Follow these steps to update your team's algorithm:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On the Open Quant League page, scroll down to find your team's submission, and click View.
  3. League Team View
  4. On the right side of the page, click Update Competition.
  5. On the Update League Submission page, enter the algorithm name and description into the form.
  6. League Update League Submission Form
  7. Follow these steps to attach a backtest:
    1. Click Attach Backtest.
    2. Click the Project field and then select the project that contains the backtest that you want to attach from the drop-down menu.
    3. You can only attach projects that you own.

    4. Click the Backtest field and then select a backtest from the drop-down menu.
  8. Click Update League Submission.

Your algorithm has been updated and is competing in the league. Congratulations!

Intellectual Property

The source code of each algorithm is private during its first quarter in the competition. At the end of its first quarter in the competition, the source code will be visible, even if the algorithm is submitted to the next competition. To keep your source code private, submit a new algorithm for each quarter.

Remember, the goal is to demonstrate the strength of your abilities which is easier when employers can review the code you're writing.


Schools and clubs can have up to two entries in the competition each quarter. For example, Duke University can have one entry for FECON 413 and another entry for the Duke Investment Club.


To share information about this competition with your team members or university, feel free to download and distribute the following pamphlet.

You can also see our Videos. You can also get in touch with us via Discord.

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