Welcome to the first of many weekly updates from the trenches at QuantConnect! I know its been a while, so to remind you:

QuantConnect is an online marketplace for sophisticated investment systems, providing access to "algorithmic trading". We give engineers a powerful stock-market simulator, data and collaboration tools they need to design investment systems and earn money by licensing them to the public. Computer trading accounts for 75% of all stock-market activity, yet is a very secretive industry. We seek to empower the public ("democratize finance") with these powerful investment tools.

We've been busy...

Over the last two months we've been busy building the website. We aimed to launch in February but are iterating on it so fast we've pushed it back until at least the end of March.

Instead of waiting until its finished, we're going to launch in stages. Every week we'll post a new update, get your feedback, and release a new feature or part of the final website. Eventually we'll get closer to a working product and open up the site for new members. We think this shows the transparency we're hoping to bring to finance, and a collaborative design approach to involve quants and investors in the final product. So please send in your feedback!

We've started...

We've already put up the first landing page, a way to sign up, and the company blog.

Our Team

We're happy to announce two new full-time people on the QC-Team; Danielle Jett, our video and marketing strategist, and Alex Kellar, a quant and engineer. It's exciting to see the company growing and we're all very passionate about making the project happen.

What do you think?

Please give us your thoughts for the dashboard designs below. We've made a special dashboard for engineers to manage their algorithms and would love to hear what you need to see on a dashboard?

Investor Dashboard Engineer Dashboard
Dashboard Investor Dashboard Investor
Investor Survey Engineer Survey

Thank you for your interest in QuantConnect, we will write again soon