We've just published the next part of QuantConnect: the Algorithm Market Place

It is a listing of algorithms available on QuantConnect and allows you to search and invest in a system. It is just a placeholder for now, but we've been getting plenty of requests to list algorithms from all over the world. So watch this space over the next two months and we'll slowly make it real.

QuantConnect is heading to New York from the 25th March - 1st April and are looking to meet with brokerages, algorithm funds and venture capitalists. Please get in touch if you'd like to meet!

In the meantime; please come to the site and sign up! It takes 10 seconds and you'll be registered in the forums automatically.

Danielle is working very hard on the QuantConnect video and it is almost ready. Here are a few scenes from the animation as a teaser:

Keep an eye out for the video this Monday!