Over the last 12 months we've been working day and night, silently and constantly pushing feature updates to make QuantConnect better. It is a very humbling experience looking back on the earlier, cluttered and buggy coding environment.

We decided to do a review, and revisit your needs from scratch to focus on what you really want. We reimagined the coding environment with fresh eyes and after taking a pause, we made the leap deciding to scrap the entire v1.0 interface and rebuild it from scratch. The lessons we'd learned, and changes required were not iterative, they were revolutionary... so we set to work.

Today we're launching the QuantConnect Algorithm Terminal v2.0!

Algorithm Terminal 2.0

Click play on the video walk-through here:

User reputation, badges and statisticsIt is the same powerful cloud backtesting engine, rebuilt with a pure HTML5+JS environment. It loads 3x faster than the previous IDE, and maintains the same of the same features: GIT support, project based design, multiple file support and algorithm cloning.

We've built a dynamic community feed directly into the coding environment, constantly pushing updates as they stream to the community. Here you can post questions, and share algorithm backtests with the community.

Publicly shared algorithms get automatically ranked by engagement and clones, with the popular strategies rising to the top of the list. If you're a member of a private group or an academic institution you can still clone your private algorithms in the "Groups" tab.Discussion Feed

We've also created a community reputation system and badges. Check next to your names to see your reputation score. Your reputation increases when you run intensive backtests, a community member clones your algorithm or your discussion gets up-voted. You can build up your reputation and use your profile for job interviews to show off your quant prowess.