We are excited to share with the community that we’re now working with CoinAPI.io to bring comprehensive cryptocurrency data to our platform. Starting now, our users can access reliable, high-resolution data that will be updated at the end of each day, every day.

The crypto markets have continued to mature, which increases the opportunities for our community. To support our users, it’s important to provide with the best resources to build, backtest and deploy algorithmic trading strategies that include crypto. With CoinAPI, we know we can do exactly that. CoinAPI collects cryptocurrency data from hundreds of exchanges around the world to make the crypto markets work. In these markets, CoinAPI has gained a sterling reputation for the quality and supply of data it provides, as well as the quality of its engineering.

We are thrilled to be working with such a well-respected company to bring CoinAPI’s solutions to our users. Now, when you go to deploy a live algorithm, you’ll have the option to use the QuantConnect live data feed or the CoinAPI integration. All you have to do is plug in your key to use CoinAPI as a data source.

Current CoinAPI users will also benefit from the ability to now leverage the LEAN platform using the data they already work with.

“It is my pleasure to announce that our data is available on the QuantConnect LEAN platform, which perfectly extends the usage of our real-time data and historical data product for backtesting and real-time trading activities without any additional costs,” said Artur Pietrzyk, CEO of CoinAPI.io. “A significant number of our customers currently perform those activities internally. Enabling them to build on top of LEAN’s open-source, world-class platform instead of developing their own solutions internally is a no-brainer decision. This will improve our customers’ overall experience by giving them time to work on things that matter from an internal core-business perspective, which will also increase the ROI they gain from our product.”

Our goal is to help you learn about and have opportunities to create high-performing algorithmic trading strategies. We try to build the best quantitative research techniques possible into the product to encourage a robust research process. And now, with CoinAPI, we’re in an even better position to make that happen.

Stay tuned for our upcoming tutorial about how to use CoinAPI with LEAN. In the meantime, happy coding!