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Rebalance is a weekly flash briefing of new features and updates for you, our QC community.  In this third episode we're happy to share:

  1. More Robust Live Trading! We have implemented a fully redundant, or backup, live ticker plant. This ensures even if one data feed goes down we'll have a back up instantly ready to keep your live algorithms running
  2. New Algorithms! The Quant Team shared algorithms that we'd love for you to try out. Daniel has written about a popular strategy Forex Monday Commodity Channel Index Trend. The algorithm trades only on Mondays based on the trend of the Commodity Channel Index indicator. Try out this algorithm that uses indicators to trade Forex on specific days.
  3. A new boot camp! Last week we shipped a new boot camp that implements an opening range breakout strategy. The Opening Range Breakout lesson shows you how use a strategy that predicts a breakout if the price leaves the price range from the first 30 minutes of trading.
  4. Coming Soon! We have been translating all of our documentation into Mandarin. We're excited to make our platform more accessible to the world.