In response to requests from our community, we will be offering 1-1 remote educational sessions for you, our QuantConnect community members, to help master the QuantConnect API and LEAN. In each session, a QC staff member will work with you on foundational skills for developing with QuantConnect's API.

We know that users come to QuantConnect from all different learning paths. The purpose of the tutoring service is to support your skill growth and tackle conceptual and code-based questions. Our intention is for tutoring to compliment your use of existing resources, including boot camp lessons in the IDE, boot camp code-along videos, development environment tutorials, research to production blog posts, the strategy library, and our Udemy course, which are all free to access.

As always, our goal for you is to learn the tools for quantitative trading. With tutoring, we'll cater the lesson plan to your needs and spend the time seeking to achieve a goal we establish in the first session. You will do all the coding, and we’ll help you navigate the API to achieve your goals. Just a note, we can’t use this time to code your algorithm for you, sessions should focus on learning new skills. A basic understanding of coding is required. 

We can't wait to empower you with a stronger ability to use the QuantConnect platform to build your unique algorithms. To kick off the initiative, we're offering five hours of tutoring service for $250 over video conferencing with one of our team of Community Support Engineers. You can choose to do it all at once, or split into a few smaller sessions. 

Book your spot by clicking the button below:

QuantConnect tutoring was discontinued October 2020. It was replaced by Community Tutoring, tutoring by other members from the community experienced in the platform. Check out more here.