Streamlining Cloud and Local Workflows

At QuantConnect, we always look for ways to improve quants' experience across all platform aspects through timely updates, new features, and responsive quant-support. To this goal, today we've released LEAN CLI for those quants using, or looking to use, LEAN, the standard-bearer for open-source algorithmic trading engines. 

LEAN CLI makes it extremely easy to synchronize your projects on with your local drive. It eradicates all frictions of running LEAN locally by abstracting away multiple setup processes with one set of commands. 

The CLI allows users to efficiently mix and match cloud and local workflows to suit their computing and live trading needs best. With the CLI, quants can easily use the built-in debugger of the most popular editors to debug LEAN algorithms and choose to backtest their algos with their data locally. It is fully cross-platform compatible and enables development on PyCharm, Rider, VS Code, and more.

The beauty of the new LEAN CLI is that it lets quants focus on development by abstractive away multiple setup processes with just one set of commands. Quants can now download their code and financial data from the cloud, run and debug backtests, run optimizations, and then upload those changes back into the cloud and start live trading – all in just minutes.

We encourage our quant community to delve into the improvements and support offered by LEAN CLI, as the feedback of the community helps keep us iterating and constantly improving.  

Happy Coding!