Today we're launching the next step of our journey. We're proud to be opening ownership of QuantConnect to our community.

We want to align our investors and users to continue pioneering as the world's leading cloud quantitative analytics platform. With more than 210,000 engineers, quants, traders, and scientists in the community we believe you are our best partners going forward.

The world needs radically open-source fintech. Too often financial companies keep everything closed-source as it's a perceived "competitive advantage", creating massive inefficiencies where every fund re-creates the same datasets and FIX brokerage connections over and over. Yesterday we open-sourced every brokerage on our platform, breaking this pattern, and taking a leap forward to create a better world for everyone.

We believe connectors like this should be done once and then open-sourced. We are building the operating system for quant finance, where every connector is prewritten, and every dataset is onboarded. The mechanical low-IP connectors that so many vendors keep secret are public and free. You've never needed to write an API integration for your mouse or keyboard, why should you implement a brokerage's API?

You as a builder are free to create your strategy.

To make this sustainable, we need a powerful business engine to drive our platform growth. So why do clients choose QuantConnect Cloud? Convenience and Cost Efficiency.

  1. Convenience. Your time is incredibly valuable and using our cloud saves time and effort, making your work much more efficient. Everything is ready to go, out of the box, within seconds.
  2. Data Management. The wrong data error can set you back months or cause you to lose money in live trading. We've got the only "crowd-curated" dataset in the world, with ten years of fixes applied by tens of thousands of people. We've built robust processes to ensure your strategies get live data on time, daily. You never have to worry about the grind like network connection downtime or data processing.
  3. Cost Efficiency. Our community is brilliant and can choose to set up independently if they wanted. But thanks to economies of scale QuantConnect can offer professional-grade services at a fraction of the cost per person than what is possible alone.

These value propositions are hard to copy. They result from 220,000 passionate quants coming together to make something new - an open-source, community-based approach to quantitative finance. And we're just crazy enough to do it with them 😁.

Invest today to join us in the new open-quant future, and together let's make the new quant world.