We’re happy to announce the release of the Co-Pilot (C# only); a rich automated documentation generator built to give you relevant hints while you’re building your strategy. With deep API’s it is impossible to memorize all the methods available; and time consuming to constantly search the documentation. As a coding companion, the co-pilot can inspect the types you’re working on and provide the properties that are available.

The methods of the API are shown by the tables of code blocks, and detailed properties of the working variables are also available. We generate documentation from the reference text but also from the code API. These different documentation types are noted by the icons next to the results.

There are multiple documentation result types; text and code results.


  1. Sdoof says:

    This is a great feature, however I don’t see under my profile. Is it because I am using Python?

  2. Wei Chian Ong says:

    Is this for C# only? FOr some reason it only shows up in C# projects for me, in Python projects, right after the My projects icon is the Data Manager icon, no Copilot icon.

    1. Jared Broad says:

      Correct due to limitations in the technology it currently only applies to C#. We’re working on better python autocomplete soon now.

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