We’re very proud to announce our public release of live trading with Interactive Brokers! Now you can seamlessly design and trade your algorithm within QuantConnect.

Automated live trading is one of the most challenging engineering problems in financial technology. It involves controlling large financial resources, while pushing computational power to its limits!

Starting today, you can deploy your algorithms to your Interactive Brokers accounts, using minute, second or tick resolution data for Equities and FOREX. All powered by our open source algorithmic trading platform, LEAN.

Live Trading GUI

QuantConnect live trading comes packed with some impressive functionality to help your trading!

SMS and Email Notifications

Trigger sending emails, web hooks or SMS messages on key events with a single line of code. It is as simple as:

Custom Live Data Sources

Using QuantConnect you can connect your algorithm to external data sources and stream updates to your algorithm events. Check out our demo using a Bitcoin REST API.

Runtime Statistics

With runtime statistics you can display custom information in the header of your live GUI to track your key indicators and asset values.

SetRuntimeStatistic("EURUSD", price);
Runtime Statistics

Mobile Control Interface

Control your algorithm on the road with our mobile friendly, HTML5 GUI. You can see full running algorithm charts and trades, or just a summary of your algorithm performance.

Live Mobile Controller

Live Options

Upgrade to Start Live Trading Today with QuantConnect

Open Source Updates

Its been an awesome month for the open-source project with contributions from people all around the world. We love working with the community and seeing LEAN used in ways we can barely imagine!

@kaffeebrauer contributed the Stochastic and OnBalance Indicators
@AlexCatarino implemented the ROC, ROCP and WILR Indicators
@QANTau started implementation of an OANDA Brokerage
@bizcad created a Weighted Moving Average Indicator
@mattmast created the Money Flow Index(MFI) Indicator
@bdilber started working on futures support

Additionally thanks to @ammachado, and @dpallone for documentation fixes, and @willniu for working out our consolidator logic 🙂 The LEAN Engine is growing more powerful by the week.

We’re Raising Capital

We’ve been experiencing some incredible growth and have bold plans for the next 12 months! We are opening an investment round and talking to investors to continue our growth plan.


  1. Fantastic Work! I’m seriously considering switching from Quantopian to QuantConnect, especially now that you have IB working and Oanda in the works. Are there any plans to leverage the TA-lib (Technical Analysis Library – http://ta-lib.org/ )? By the way… please don’t ever drop support for Mono. All my trading is done on Linux and being able to run Lean in Mono is a big advantage!

  2. Jared Broad says:

    Thanks Gene! We’re passionately cross platform and will keep it that way! 🙂 Thanks for your request in GitHub, we’ll review adding TA Lib soon. TA Lib is a little dated and wouldn’t integrate well (it would support manual updates only).

    Our indicator system built in is native C#, automatically updates with new data, runs on any resolution or type of data, and is even extensible — e.g. “ema10.Of(RSI).Times(2)”!

    1. Vina says:

      I own 100 shares of stock ABC for $20 for a total of $2000. I want to protect myself from downside risk, so I need to buy a put option. How much should I pay for a put option relative to my $2000 stock position? I would appreciate if you could direct me to a proaossienfl source like a book or website but opinions are welcome.

  3. Ian Worthington says:

    Can data be pulled out of the IB TWS to be able to run/backtest QC locally?

    1. Jared Broad says:

      Yes; the IB has an IHistoryProvider and IDataQueueHandler implementation which allows pulling out data.

  4. Rodrigo Nader says:

    Which brokers are currently avaiable?

    1. Jared Broad says:

      We support OANDA, FXCM, Interactive Brokers and paper trading.

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