Rebalance Ep 1: Boot Camp, Reports, & Data

Welcome to the first episode of QuantConnect’s Weekly Rebalance! In this first episode we’re happy to share:

  • New BootCamp! Checkout our “Buy and Hold with a Trailing Stop” Boot Camp lesson focused on how you’d implement a trailing stop in QuantConnect.
  • New Reports! We’ve redesigned the reports available in the IDE to be more like a printed document. It gives your strategies a very professional feel.
  • New Insight Scoring! We’ve been doing research into how to measure the predictive performance of your algorithms to give you better feedback in backtesting.
  • Coming Soon! This week we’ll be shipping PsychSignal, SEC, and YieldCurve data! Giving you better data will let you make better algorithms.
Sherry Yang

By: Sherry Yang