img 07.08.20
Lexie Robinson

Lexie Robinson

Github Tagging Integration, Docker CI Setup, Upgraded Futures Margins, New Algorithms and Indicators, Update to .net 4.6.2 – LEAN Release Notes v8406-v8943

This release of updates to LEAN is among one of the biggest yet. With this update, we have been working hard to upgrade your user experience. We upgraded futures margins to improve futures backtesting modelling and behavior, and updated to a newer version of .net (4.6.2). Along with this, we have added LEAN docker files […]

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    Jared Broad

    Founder & CEO

    Why Funds Should Use QuantConnect to Find Alpha

    In 2019, the hedge fund space contracted for the fifth year in a row. In 2020, new launches have hit lows not seen since the financial crisis and fund liquidations are the highest since the end of 2015. The industry is in crisis. And as a small handful of global mega funds increasingly grow their […]

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    Sherry Yang

    Sherry Yang

    Alternative Data’s Rise in Fintech

    Alternative data is not a new tool for alpha generation, but the availability of it is. For more than a decade, the sell-side and funds have used nontraditional data to augment their ability to capture alpha. In the last few years, the amount of alternative data collated in raw data sets has grown significantly and […]