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Lexie Robinson

Lexie Robinson

Github Tagging Integration, Docker CI Setup, Upgraded Futures Margins, New Algorithms and Indicators, Update to .net 4.6.2 – LEAN Release Notes v8406-v8943

This release of updates to LEAN is among one of the biggest yet. With this update, we have been working hard to upgrade your user experience. We upgraded futures margins to improve futures backtesting modelling and behavior, and updated to a newer version of .net (4.6.2). Along with this, we have added LEAN docker files […]

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    Jared Broad

    Founder & CEO

    Introducing QuantConnect Organizations

    Today we’re unveiling a new era in power, flexibility, and access for quantitative finance. The QuantConnect Organizations layer allows anyone to harness our platform to launch a quantitative fund, scaling up resources as they grow. Previously, the technical and financial challenges of launching a quantitative fund have stymied new launches, resulting in AUM concentration to […]