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Sherry Yang

Sherry Yang

A New Era For Desktop Algorithmic Trading

We’re excited to share Skylight, a new cross-platform desktop application for integration with QuantConnect. Skylight enables a new era in backtesting, combining the best capabilities of local development with the power and storage capacity of the cloud. Develop locally with your favorite coding tools, and then send your code for backtesting on a cluster of […]

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    Pioneering Tomorrow’s Trading

    QuantConnect provides a free algorithm backtesting tool and financial data so engineers can design algorithmic trading strategies.

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    Jared Broad

    Founder & CEO

    New HTML5 IDE and Community Discussion Feed

    Over the last 12 months we’ve been working day and night, silently and constantly pushing feature updates to make QuantConnect better. It is a very humbling experience looking back on the earlier, cluttered and buggy coding environment. We decided to do a review, and revisit your needs from scratch to focus on what you really […]