Desktop Charting with LEAN

With a few configuration changes you can get desktop charting in LEAN with a HTML5 interface very similar to the one you see in This gives you better visual feedback on your strategy and allows you to improve faster. This tutorial guides you through configuring a desktop charting environment with LEAN. Local charting (and […]

Open Source Future of Algorithmic Trading

The future of finance will be powered by open source algorithmic trading. LEAN algorithmic trading engine enables you to design and backtest a strategy in seconds, with virtually no setup required. LEAN is community supported and 100% open source.


Your Ideal Algorithmic Trading Platform

Would you like a copy of the QuantConnect source code, so you can code, backtest and trade locally from your computer? You could design and debug strategies from your laptop in Visual Studio, using a local data-source, and then when you’re ready simply deploy it to the cloud to backtest on our entire tick-level data library? You could utilize cloud based optimization to backtest massively in parallel and test your strategy for parameter sensitivity, in minutes…