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Lexie Robinson

Lexie Robinson

Cloud Optimization and Futures Options Deployment – Release Notes v9766-v9972

Merry Christmas and a special thanks to our community contributors kazazes, jmerle, jKard1210, and IlshatGaripov.   Months of intensive technology and engineering have gone into LEAN v9766-v9972. We’ve implemented cloud optimization; harness this powerful tool to test thousands of combinations for your strategy in record time! Identify hot spots in your charting to avoid costly overfitting, […]

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    Jared Broad

    Founder & CEO

    Options and Futures Trading on QuantConnect

    We are very excited to announce the beta launch of options and futures trading on QuantConnect! Through the open-source platform LEAN, algorithmic trading has never been so accessible to investors. The new asset classes tie into our existing offering of Equities, FOREX and CFD products bringing us to a total of five asset classes. We […]