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Jared Broad

Founder & CEO

Docs V2 Released

We’re proud to share our new documentation has been moved to a public beta. This represents a significant leap in the quantity and quality of the documentation for how to build your strategy. The documentation took roughly 1.5 man-years of work to write! It was the full time effort of Derek Melchin and part-time for […]

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    Pioneering Tomorrow’s Trading

    QuantConnect provides a free algorithm backtesting tool and financial data so engineers can design algorithmic trading strategies.

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    Sherry Yang

    Sherry Yang

    From Research To Production Tutorials

    Research to Production is a series of blog post tutorials that make use of QuantConnect’s deep integration with Jupyter Lab to give you a powerful new tool for your alpha research. With this series, you can see how to quickly take your ideas from the research notebook and implement them in an algorithm. You can […]

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    Sherry Yang

    Sherry Yang

    Get started with QuantConnect’s Boot Camp

    QuantConnect’s Boot Camp is a coding lab designed to teach you the tools for quantitative trading. In Boot Camp, you can improve your skills in finance, statistics, and software development and learn the QuantConnect API in easily digestible portions. Using the same API, you can move from learning in the labs to testing out your […]