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Stefano Raggi

Stefano Raggi

Senior Engineer

R-Support, Visual Studio Integration, Python Updates – LEAN Release Notes v2.4.0.1

This release adds R-support to LEAN; allowing you to run R-code from your LEAN C# algorithms. This makes the R statistics libraries available for use in QuantConnect. Additionally a community member contributed a plugin for Visual Studio which uses the QuantConnect API to perform file editing tasks and deploy backtests. Additionally this release extends Python […]

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    Jared Broad

    Founder & CEO

    Backtesting with a REST API

    We’re deprecating the GIT-API and replaced it with a powerful REST-API that allows you to create, update and backtest projects all via URL. To kick it off we are open sourcing new tools for visual studio that tap into this API and submit a backtest from Visual Studio.