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Jared Broad

Founder & CEO

QuantConnect’s Quant League Winner’s Circle: Laurent Crouzet

We started an Alpha Streams Quant League competition with $1,000 prize pools in March. The challenge for quants is to create algorithms that perform well over a 5-year backtest period, perform well in out-of-sample trading, and reconcile well with their backtests. You can trade any asset class or strategy. As there are funds with many […]

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    Sherry Yang

    Sherry Yang

    Liquid ETF Competition Winners Spotlight

    In November 2019, QuantConnect launched the Liquid ETF Competition. The challenge for participants was to look for alpha within a basket of 72 ETFs selected for their independence from the market, their variety of underlying assets, and other idiosyncratic variables. The competition was sponsored by an institutional client looking for alpha from this specific basket […]