Hello QuantConnect community. I really hope someone can help me

I have joined QuantConnect recently and I love it. But I am about to give up on it as I cannot get it to work on my local machine. I have seen different posts on the forum form 2017 or 2018 about other people who have struggled to get QC to work. Has anyone managed in 2020 to make it to work? I am honestly desperate :( 

I am willing to work in any of the environments as long as it works: Docker is not working, Data API is not downloading data (even if the API is connected and shows my account projects), Anaconda does not work. Anaconda for research would be a dream. Has anyone managed to make it work (macOS 11 Big Sur)?

Nothing works and the cloud is quite expensive for someone who is trying to learn how this platform works. 

Any help would be highly appreaciated :