Hi all,

I don't know which rabbit hole I went down to discover Quantconnect, however I am absolutely loving everything about it! I have played with Python for a few years now, however developing an algortihm to help manage my investment portfolio is a new endeavour for me entirely. I have been looking through recent community discussions and I am amazed to see the open source spirit alive and well. It's helping reduce my learning curve quite a bit!

As I'm based in Canada, we're allowed to day trade (or engage in strategies that could be considered day trading) with smaller account sizes. I was wondering if anyone has developed any algorithms specifically designed for working with less capital? Are there particular discussions from past threads that someone could point me towards? Who has a crazy, comprehensive GitHub account full of code that has solved this problem 9 different ways? Please understand, I am not looking for "answers" to getting rich quick, by any means. I'm simply looking for beautiful code to help me understand this wonderful puzzle that sits before me.