Hi everyone, I downloaded the zip of lean engine, unzipped and opened solution in VisualStudio 2015 Community. When i first built, a number of packages were automatically downloaded and installed by VS2015. But there are two problems: 1. Resharper shows 2 errors: Solution QuantConnect.Lean.sln Project .nuget .nuget\packages.config: No root tag defined Solution QuantConnect.Lean.sln Project QuantConnect.Configuration Configuration\Config.cs:328 Cannot resolve symbol 'Path' 2. When building, there is only one error: Error CS1061 'JToken' does not contain a definition for 'Path' and no extension method 'Path' accepting a first argument of type 'JToken' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) QuantConnect.Configuration 'MyProjectDir'\Lean-master\Configuration\Config.cs 328 Active How to fix this so I can build?