Hi, I have created my own datalayer to access scandinavian stock exchanges.

Here's my issue right now, the symbol mapping don't work as expected. 

  1. As an example of a mapping file: recsi.ose.csv. It has this content:20200220,rec.ose

  2. Which means at the date of 2020-11-30 it changed from REC -> RECSI
  3. This code:      self.SetStartDate(2021, 2, 9)
          self.SetEndDate(2021, 2, 10)
          self.AddEquity("RECSI.OSE", Resolution.Tick, 'nor')
          self.AddEquity("RECSI.OSE", Resolution.Minute, 'nor')
          self.Consolidate("RECSI.OSE", Resolution.Hour, self.HourBarHandler)


  4.         ALG.historyHour = self.History(ticker, timedelta(20), Resolution.Hour)
            ALG.historyMinute = self.History(ticker, timedelta(20), Resolution.Minute)
            ALG.historyTick = self.History(ticker, timedelta(20), Resolution.Tick)
  5. When i Export these three PANDAS to excel, it shows:

  6. https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApGpUzcVR1sv6BUywgmMnw_4DjA4?e=cijB6A


  7. It resolves correctly, as the data it contains is from "RECSI.OSE", but the ticker in the dataset is the old ticker (RSI.OSE)

  8. So my question is why does this happen? 
  9. In quantbook it all works fine.

Any idea?