Just wanted to share a tool that I've been using to gather data from webpages and schedule scraping every couple of minutes/hours. It's called Data Scraping Studio and can be downloaded from http://www.datascraping.co/.
I made an agent to gather data from https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/gainers?e=US
I've modified that data with a simple javascript filter to meet a specific criteria. Price less than 5, Volume greater than 100000, Maximum gain.
The studio will output a file to the dropbox folder on my computer every 10 minutes.

In the algorithm I've attached you'll see that it will purchase the top symbol for the day and check the current time against the date and time within the csv file. This algorithm with notify you if there is a DateTime mismatch to prevent it from buying the previous days symbol. If something was to happen locally with your scheduled scraping then it wont attempt to buy anything.

Hope this helps some people having similar questions/issues.