Is it ppssoble to use leverage for the Equal Weight Portfolio Framework? I have used the following code and set the universe leverage to 2. But I cant get it working.

class InsightWeightingPortfolioConstructionModel(EqualWeightingPortfolioConstructionModel):
'''Provides an implementation of IPortfolioConstructionModel that generates percent targets based on the
Insight.Weight. The target percent holdings of each Symbol is given by the Insight.Weight from the last
active Insight for that symbol.
For insights of direction InsightDirection.Up, long targets are returned and for insights of direction
InsightDirection.Down, short targets are returned.
If the sum of all the last active Insight per symbol is bigger than 1, it will factor down each target
percent holdings proportionally so the sum is 1.
It will ignore Insight that have no Insight.Weight value.'''

def __init__(self, rebalance = Resolution.Daily, portfolioBias = PortfolioBias.LongShort):
'''Initialize a new instance of InsightWeightingPortfolioConstructionModel
rebalance: Rebalancing parameter. If it is a timedelta, date rules or Resolution, it will be converted into a function.
If None will be ignored.
The function returns the next expected rebalance time for a given algorithm UTC DateTime.
The function returns null if unknown, in which case the function will be called again in the
next loop. Returning current time will trigger rebalance.
portfolioBias: Specifies the bias of the portfolio (Short, Long/Short, Long)'''
super().__init__(rebalance, portfolioBias)

def ShouldCreateTargetForInsight(self, insight):
'''Method that will determine if the portfolio construction model should create a
target for this insight
insight: The insight to create a target for'''
# Ignore insights that don't have Weight value
return insight.Weight is not None

def DetermineTargetPercent(self, activeInsights):
'''Will determine the target percent for each insight
activeInsights: The active insights to generate a target for'''
result = {}

# We will adjust weights proportionally in case the sum is > 1 so it sums to 1.
weightSums = sum(self.GetValue(insight) for insight in activeInsights if self.RespectPortfolioBias(insight))
weightFactor = 2.0
if weightSums > 1:
weightFactor = (1 / weightSums) * weightFactor
for insight in activeInsights:
result[insight] = (insight.Direction if self.RespectPortfolioBias(insight) else InsightDirection.Flat) * self.GetValue(insight) * weightFactor
return result

def GetValue(self, insight):
'''Method that will determine which member will be used to compute the weights and gets its value
insight: The insight to create a target for
The value of the selected insight member'''
return insight.Weight