Has anyone made real money yet?

Hello everyone!

I just want to hear your success stories, true ones. I hope we can all be successful and break from the bondage of banks making all the money off the interest we pay. I really think its possible to make 3-5% a day. ive been trading long options as if they were stocks, riding the ma crosses and have been pretty successful so far. im only up 15% (way less than 3-5%/day) since i started the technique. How have you guys done? I want to know!
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Have I made money? No, because I've never traded using real money!  I currently have two paper trading systems on here live trading.  I'm planning to wait 90 days before switching to real money depending on how they do.  

A few simple things you can do when building a system:

  • When developing a system, limit the sample time period to where you only get say 200 to 400 trades.  
  • Look for a low max drawdown, a high winning percentage, and a good profit-loss ratio.  Ignore annual return and net profit.
  • Once you think you've got a winner, test it with an "out of sample" time period for the same ammount of trades and compare the results.  Are they the same? better? worse? This will give you a good idea if you're curve fitting your system.
  • Paper trade it for the next 90 days or next 100 trades.  You can follow it in realtime to make sure its doing as expected.  Also look for communication errors with your broker.  Any unexpected results?
  • Finally, if none of the above steps blow up your system, you might consider using real money.  If you do, run a parallel paper trading system along with your real money system and compare the results.  Are you getting good fills?  Any slippage?  

Other things to consider are money management, risk of ruin, Pattern Day Trader rules (less than $25K), settlement rules(T+3), and margin requirements.  


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