I think I have everyone beat!

I'm certain this is the best performing algorithm ever created. It performs so well that it breaks statistics. How about $25k to $200 million in ten days with 1779442119533859999999900% Compounding Annual Return? Or how about 25k to 3 billion dollars in 3 months? It's incredibly simple also! A 19 period Simple Moving Average x-over strategy that does the opposite of a normal x-over strategy. 

I created this little gem when I first started here and I was certain I would become a billionaire in no time. You could imagine my absolute horror when I learned about this thing called slippage. I actually ran this algorithm against my live broker account for about 15 seconds before I got a call from Tradier asking if I was sure I wanted to do this. Yeah, I'm pretty thankful I was able to come out of that unscathed.

WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT TRADE THIS ALGORITHM! It's purely for a novelty and fails miserably when slippage is factored in.

If anyone figures out how to make this profitable, I'll gladly accept donations.