Daily equity data is free in the cloud backtest environment.  So apparently it's not a profit center; you're just required by your license to not let the data “escape” without being purchased.

What if I bring my own data?  Can I drop it into the data tree and use it like QC-sourced data?  I would like to experiment with offline backtesting and make sure I like QC before I commit to a year's subscription.

I see the docs that explain how to change your strategy code to import arbitrary data.  That's not what I'm looking for.  I want to use my own equity data exactly the same as I use QC equity data, just self.AddEquity &etc.  The same code should work whether I'm doing local/offline backtests with my data or cloud backtests with QC data.

I constructed an OHLC file in the proper format, and put it in the right place.  But I'm having trouble with the zip format.  Neither gzip nor bzip2 works; Ionic.Zip says “Cannot read that as a Zipfile.”  So what zip format does QC use?

Is there any additional magic required to make a symbol file work with QC, like connecting into map/factor files or suchlike?  I'd like divs/splits to work properly, but I can accept a hacked approach that doesn't properly handle dividends/splits/etc; this is for evaluating the platform, not for doing research.