Hi Everyone,

Here is my current QuantConnect workflow as a previous QuantConnect support staff. 

Warning: while this isn't too technical, this is not beginner-friendly.


  • If you aren't on a Linux system, but you are familiar with the basics of Linux, I suggest getting WSL (Ubuntu). This is especially necessary if you want to use the Command Line Interface for QC (I don't, but I think it's a good tool)
  • VSCode (not optional with WSL) +  relevant extensions


  • open your WSL terminal, create/cd the folder relevant to your project
  • run “code .” to open a VSCode instance on the Linux Subsystem
  • open a WSL terminal in VSCode (my WSL terminal is called Ubuntu, as that's the distribution I'm using)
  • pip3 install --upgrade quantconnect-stub
  • (optional) install nodejs and and CLI
  • Note: the above 5 steps can be replaced with the Windows equivalent, but it will be more painful
  • optional, but highly recommended steps:
    • go to settings → account settings → disable the first 3 options

In VSCode, now create a .py file and add the following:

false_bool = False
if false_bool:
from AlgorithmImports import *

copy-paste your algorithm below here. Every time you want to test, execute using CLI (highly recommended) or paste the code into your project on quantconnect.com

Hope this helps.