Could someone let me know the data inside the coarse fundamental csv files are, or point me to the right documentation? I am using Lean locally using data from another proprietary source so I need to build these files manually. 

The example below is from Data\equity\usa\fundamental\coarse\20140324.csv

A RPTMYV3VC57P,A,55.26,1983802,109624898,True,0.6694742,1
AA R735QTJ8XC9X,AA,12.01,28620078,343727136,False,0.5373942,3.0003
AAC RVY73T1OH55X,SCOK,1.2,22879,27454,False,1,1000
AADR UOFRJAZTL0TH,AADR,37.4,2277,85159,False,0.9608766,1
AAIT V3Z1GERP1JZ9,AAIT,31.17,14747,459663,False,0.987591,1

Thanks in advance,