i need to test whether HasSufficientBuyingPowerForOrderResult before order multi leg option order

i found source code

        /// <summary>
/// Check if there is sufficient buying power for the position group to execute this order.
/// </summary>
public static HasSufficientBuyingPowerForOrderResult HasSufficientBuyingPowerForOrder(
this IPositionGroupBuyingPowerModel model,
SecurityPortfolioManager portfolio,
IPositionGroup positionGroup,
Order order
return model.HasSufficientBuyingPowerForOrder(new HasSufficientPositionGroupBuyingPowerForOrderParameters(
portfolio, positionGroup, order

place OptionStrategy use below method

        /// <summary>
/// Issue an order/trade for buying/selling an option strategy
/// </summary>
/// <param name="strategy">Specification of the strategy to trade</param>
/// <param name="quantity">Quantity of the strategy to trade</param>
/// <param name="orderProperties">The order properties to use. Defaults to <see cref="DefaultOrderProperties"/></param>
/// <returns>Sequence of order tickets</returns>
public IEnumerable<OrderTicket> Order(OptionStrategy strategy, int quantity, IOrderProperties orderProperties = null)
return GenerateOrders(strategy, quantity, orderProperties);

i just wonder `Order` params in  `HasSufficientBuyingPowerForOrderResult` how to build