Preface: New to QC and to C# - just moved over from Quantopian/Python. 

To get familiar with the website, I created a relatively "simple" program: check if there is a potential price arbitrage above 2 pips, and if so, print out "Now" to the console. I am simply trying to figure out how this software works.

As you can see from the backtest, I am getting this error: 


Runtime Error: Execution Security Error: Operation timed out - 1.33333333333333 minutes max. Check for recursive loops. (Open Stacktrace)

412 | 14:45:05:

Algorithm Id:(964546efb74bc28982cbb06b76fc57cf) completed in 80.61 seconds at 13k data points per second. Processing total of 1,041,707 data points."


What am I missing? Is there a context/rule/etc that I am missing? Why is it a runtime error?