Fuzzy Logic Algorithm example


   I started some experiments with Fuzzy Logic in QuantConnect / Lean.

   Fuzzy Logic makes sense in technical trading, as the variables are considered fuzzy (many-valued logic) with "truth values" between 0 and 1. This is much more adequate for leading with subjective decisions and uncertainity, rather than with crisp values wich are "idealistic". Example, is RSI > 80 High ? What about 89 ? Not high at all ? :)
   Please, find an intro to fuzzy logic in the context of automated trading here

   In this example i used two classic indicators - RSI and Momentum - just for illustration purpose. 
      Many rules can run at the same time, and Linguistic Variables can have several memberships. 
    I am using the Accord.NET frammework Fuzzy Library (installed on LEAN since Machine Learning also from accord was installed):


Feel free to contact me, for questions, or ideation sharing.
Have fun


Update Backtest

Sorry, in the example i wanted to write What about 79 ? Is it not High ? :) No, if our rule is a crisp one - IF RSI > 80. But with memberships, yes, 79 is high. Not so high as 80, but it is still "a lot" high 



Marco, thanks for sharing!

I am cloning the algo and reading a bit more on fuzzy logic, very educational!





I read an interesting implementation that you may use to sophisticate the criteria




Update Backtest


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