I'm new to QC and I'm trying to plot BB (Bollinger Bands) and MACD indicators to get an idea of how I could use those plots in my analysis. The indicator plots look very different to something like TradingView which is what I'm used to seeing, please see screenshot (TradingView on the right):


Both have the same range on the X-axis (Oct 2014 thru Jan 2015). The range on the Y-axis is a little bigger on the QC graph but not by much. The parameters on the Bollinger Bands are the same on both sides (green highlight). I've tried all different MovingAverageTypes for the QC BB function, but they all look like pretty much the same.

I've attached the backtest that produced the QC plot.

Why does the QC version look like straight lines without any curvature like the TV graph on the right side? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you to anyone who can help.