HI there,

I'm able to calculate an average of historical SMA values in Research using:

# Define a 252-period SMA indicator 
sma = SimpleMovingAverage(252)

for stock in d_assets:
   his = qb.History(stock, start_time, end_time, Resolution.Daily).close
   df_sma = qb.Indicator(sma, stock, start_time, end_time, Resolution.Daily).simplemovingaverage
   smamean = mean([df_sma[-1], df_sma[-21],df_sma[-42],df_sma[-63],df_sma[-84],df_sma[-105],df_sma[-126],df_sma[-147],df_sma[-168],df_sma[-189],df_sma[-210],df_sma[-231],df_sma[-252]])

However, when I try to use the df_sma[-21] syntax in the algorithm, I get an error.

How would I get the historical SMA values in the algorithm so I can average them?

Thanks in advance,