Hello, I have an algorithm ready for paper trading before going real, I have tested it with BTCUSD as ticker, BTC, and USD in the portfolio cashbook. However, following the recommendations on the documentation I have to use TESTUSD as account currency to paper trade on Bitfinex. For the algorithm to work (I mean the only combination of Symbols that allowed me to run a backtest without conversion issues), I had to change the ticker and cashbook symbols to the following:

    account_currency = 'TESTUSDT' # or 'TESTUSD'
   cashbook_btc = 'TESTBTC'
   cashbook_usd = 'TESTUSDT' # or 'TESTUSD'

Nevertheless, both options show some signs of erratic data on the backtest, so I wonder if using that convention will give me a meaningful approximation of how my model would perform in reality. I am sorry for not being able to provide a backtest but attached are the figures for the two cases. All with the BrokerageName.Bitfinex:





USD (As long as I know this one doesn't have issues):


(I) Has anyone used this ticker?

(ii) Did that give you meaningful insights? 

(iii) Is it supposed to be used only in paper live trade and not in backtests?

(iv) Should I use the QuantConnectBrokerage model to test the algorithm?

Thanks in advance. I already reported the issue with the TESTBTC here.