Hello experts, 

I'm new to QC so please bear with me if I ask stupid questions. 

I try to import custom data and plot the data in QC.  I tried both the online QC Algorithm Lab and with LEAN engine download in my own desktop. The plot give different results.

Below is the test code I use.  When run the backtest & plot from here online, the plot start from 2016/07/16 8:50am which is what I am expecting,

But when using the same code and plot using LEAN engine in my desktop, the plot start from 2016/0716 00:50am

Is the difference of behavior expected? What should I do to obtain consistent plot result ?

Many thanks

Note: In my attached backtest, I can't figure how to show the plot I am referring to. However, it you clone the backtest and then : Select Chart -> Market Price Plot, you will see the plot of custom data I am referring to.

I also attach a screen captures here. First one is result of plot on cloud and the second one is the plot in using LEAN desktop.