How do I Get Local Charting with Open Source Project?


I was able to build the source code i got from github. Some of the test cases were succesful and some failed. I tried to launch the UserInterface. Blocked with port error. Gave 80 to figure out myself. Got empty GUI. I added my id and token in config but it didnt help. Is there any walkthrough or tutorial that helps me to get the basic idea around it. Online/Cloud interface is outstanding. I am thinking about improving the GUI to somewaht that justify my needs. I am looking for a details from building the solution in VS to starting up the GUI and to see some charts flying on it. If I understand correctly, using the api id and passcode i should be able to connect to QuantConnect and see some graphs. If not please enlighten me the process to work my desktop client running. Sorry if i am diving into too basic questions. My knowledge here is very limited. But i can grasp things pretty quick. 

Update Backtest

Hello Vyshu, 

I am new to QuantConnect too. Try to answer part of your question, may not solve all your problem but hope it helps you move forward a little bit.

Using LEAN, inside config.json. You could modify the following entries to make LEAN show graph locally .


"environment": "backtesting-desktop"

"algorithm-type-name": "<name of the algorithm you want to run>"

"job-user-id": "<user id for API in account your page>"

"api-access-token": "<unique access token in account page>"


Replace item 2-4 accordingly to fit your own situation. 

Hope this helps and I will let the other experts to try to help your remaining questions. Good luck.


Update Backtest


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