Hi everyone,

I have solely used python in the past for running backtests. With recent backtesting taking a very long time, I am interested in transitioning to c# to improve speed. First, is this assumption that C# will run faster than python in backtests correct (by this I mean the backtest simulation, not the jupyter notebook research file)?

Also, when I click ‘Create a New Algorithm’ to begin a project in c#, I see that a python file (main.py) and research file (research.ipynb) are created. How can I code in the c# environment instead of python (I tried changing main.py to main.cs to no avail)? I see that when I access the research file I am able to change from python to c# but it is not clear how to do so with the main file.

If c# is only available in the jupyter notebook, how do you port c# code from the jupyter notebook to the main file? What would be the advantage of using c# in the research file if it is not usable in main?

If anyone could give direction, that would be very helpful!