Incomplete information gathering

This will be being used on NinjaTrader. I've been having a hard time finding adequate information on the data that I am trying to process, specifically the following:

#1 Look for stocks that have prices ranging from $0.001 to $1.00 per share
#2 Look for stocks that have at least 5 - 150 trades so far
#3 Look for stocks that have gained 5% relative to the opening price
#4 Look for stocks where the volume increase is greater than 30% relative to the 20-day average
#5 Look for stocks where the trade increase is greater than 30% relative to the 20-day average
#6 Look for stocks with S-8 filings in the last 6 months
#7 Look for stocks with less than a 30,000,000 float
#8 Look for stocks with a RSI less than 50 and greater than 20

Now, I understand most of the data is fairly easy to come by, but I listed it just to be as complete as possible. The data that I am having problems with obtaining are #2, #5, #6, and #7. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
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#2 - You'll need tick data to know the number of trades, I'm not sure Ninja Trader offers this (trade by trade data is expensive). You have this in QuantConnect.
#5 - Do you mean number of trades? See #2.
#6 - I think you can pull these from SEC,
#7 - Less than 30M float is trickier, but once you've applied the other filters it should be easy enough.

Probably best to download and import a few data files and then apply your filters at initialization

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