I'm trying to create a class that would store all my calculated data per asset. so I have this code:

public class AssetData{//class to handle all calculations of an asset
private static Symbol _Symbol;
private static ExponentialMovingAverage _EMAShort;
private static ExponentialMovingAverage _EMALong;
private static BollingerBands _BB;
private static RelativeStrengthIndex _RSI;
private static AverageTrueRange _ATR;
private static SimpleMovingAverage _SMA;
private static MovingAverageConvergenceDivergence _MACD;
private static AroonOscillator _AROON;
private static Momentum _MOM;
private static StandardDeviation _STD;

public AssetData(Symbol s){
//Set up Indicators:
_BB = BB(_Symbol, 20, 1, MovingAverageType.Simple, Resolution.Daily);
_RSI = RSI(_Symbol, 14, MovingAverageType.Simple, Resolution.Daily);
_ATR = ATR(_Symbol, 14, MovingAverageType.Simple, Resolution.Daily);
_EMAShort = EMA(_Symbol, 9, Resolution.Daily);
_EMALong = EMA(_Symbol, 21, Resolution.Daily);
_SMA = SMA(_Symbol, 14, Resolution.Daily);
_MACD = MACD(_Symbol, 12, 26, 9, MovingAverageType.Simple, Resolution.Daily);
_AROON = AROON(_Symbol, 20, Resolution.Daily);
_MOM = MOM(_Symbol, 20, Resolution.Daily);
_STD = STD(_Symbol, 20, Resolution.Daily);

public void UpdateIndicators() {



and i'm getting "An object reference is required" for all the indicator setup lines.

Can anybody help defuse this?