I wanted to reach out the QuantConnect community to see if there is any interest in pairing up for a project in an effort to master the QC platform and work together on consistent basis to develop strategies. I believe it could be mutually benefical to have someone to bounce back ideas with on a dedicated project. 

I wanted to share my qualifications in hopes to find someone interested who is preferrably more experienced trader than myself who I can learn from. I have been practicing technical analysis on and off for quite some years but starting to take a serious dive into it now. I currently trade with a live account manually and I am able to draw up some sound fundumental analysis by hand on a chart. I am familar with fundementals of price action, support/resistance, and using a few indicators for added support to validate my theories. I also have a decent understanding of risk management and follow that in very disciplined manner. I am just diving into developing algorithmic startegies. My strength as an engineers is quite strong and the following are some of the tools I have worked with professionally for years: Python, Java, C#, C++, Postgresql, Bash, Vim/Tmux. Webstack (HTML/JS/CSS/LESS). 

If anyone is interested in pairing up on a project, please send me a direct message so we can chat.