I have got the following errors. Plese feel to comment how to resolve the errors.

1. The type 'QCAlgorithm' is not defined

2. No abstract or interface member was found that corresponds to this overrideoverride BasicTemplateAlgorithm.Initialize : unit -> 'a

Full name: AlgorithmTrading.BasicTemplateAlgorithm.Initialize


// // QCU Hello World Example with F# - Basic Template // Create a basic template to load the QC API. // #r @"./packages/QuantConnect.Lean.2.2.0/lib/net45/QuantConnect.Algorithm.dll" #r @"./packages/QuantConnect.Lean.2.2.0/lib/net45/QuantConnect.Indicators.dll" #r @"./packages/QuantConnect.Lean.2.2.0/lib/net45/QuantConnect.Common.dll" #r @"./packages/QuantConnect.Lean.2.2.0/lib/net45/QuantConnect.Logging.dll" #r @"./packages/QuantConnect.Lean.2.2.0/lib/net45/QuantConnect.Configuration.dll" open QuantConnect.Data type BasicTemplateAlgorithm() = //Reuse all the base class of QCAlgorithm inherit QCAlgorithm() //Implement core methods: override this.Initialize() = this.SetCash(100000) this.SetStartDate(2013, 10, 7) this.SetEndDate(2013, 10, 11) this.AddEquity("SPY", Resolution.Second) |> ignore //TradeBars Data Event member this.OnData(bar:TradeBars) = if not this.Portfolio.Invested then this.SetHoldings(this.Symbol("SPY"), 1) else ()