I'm trying to add a 30 minute consolidator with rolling window to a stable code that already has a 1 day consolidator. When I added the 30 min consolidator I received this error.

Is the structure of the code correct? Not sure where the error is.. 

Runtime Error: For Symbol ABCL XK9GI7KK0Y1X can not consolidate bars of period: 00:30:00, using data of the same or higher period: 1.00:00:00 in PeriodCountConsolidatorBase.cs:line 159


class SymbolData:
    def __init__(self, algorithm, symbol):
        self.algorithm = algorithm
        self.symbol = symbol

        self.boundary = RollingWindow[TradeBar](20)
        self.consolidator_two = TradeBarConsolidator(timedelta(minutes=30))
        self.consolidator_two.DataConsolidated += self.OnDataConsolidated_two
        algorithm.SubscriptionManager.AddConsolidator(symbol, self.consolidator_two)

        self.Bars = RollingWindow[TradeBar](12) #defines rolling window size, TradeBar defines bar type
        self.consolidator = TradeBarConsolidator(timedelta(days=1))
        self.consolidator.DataConsolidated += self.OnDataConsolidated
        algorithm.SubscriptionManager.AddConsolidator(symbol, self.consolidator)
    def OnDataConsolidated_two(self, sender, bar):

    def OnDataConsolidated(self, sender, bar):

    def IsReady_two(self):
        return self.boundary.IsReady

    def IsReady(self):
        return self.Bars.IsReady